How we conduct the Assessment?

Business Understanding

We believe it is most important to understand what your business users need to carry out their day-to-day functions. Our first step in providing Assessment services is to interview business users, conduct surveys to get insights into the WHERE, WHY and HOW of the problem. With the combined efforts of our managers and analysts we help determine the current state of your systems and articulate the requirements for the future state of systems.

Analytical Goals

At doLoopTech we engage the executive team and senior leaders, while making decisions to appreciate the IT and business aspect and understand the analytical goals of the organization. Every modern-day organization generates a billion bytes of data, making it a top priority for every CIO to analyse this data and make best use of it, to stay ahead in the marketplace. During this phase, our team will assess the current data infrastructure, determine the gaps and also define the new data requirements which support the analytics goals.

Technology Assessment

At this stage, the doLoopTech team interacts with your technology leaders to understand the current technology stack. Our highly-experienced tech gurus then provide recommendations on which software tool is best suited for the said business function or if your current software tool needs to be upgraded to suit your requirements better. Our belief is that "Automation" of tasks, utilizing technology is the way to achieve your analytical goal.

Our team is ready to identify gaps in your operations and systems.