In the life sciences industry, getting the real-time clinical data from the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems into submission standards is the biggest challenge. The Data Entry to Data Analysis life cycle is very long. We identified this problem and came up with our offering, Clinical eBridge .


The real-life bridge has been one of the most important innovation of human kind. They allow people to travel to their destination quickly and efficiently. Our philosophy behind Clinical eBridge is similar; it allows clinical data to be transferred and transformed quickly and efficiently.

Clinical eBridge is an intelligent clinical data integration solution that allow customers to seamlessly setup the connections with different EDC systems. It also has algorithms that transform the complex raw data into meaningful clinical information. It is an easy and effective way to integrate your EDC systems with a clinical repository and start extracting clinical data in real time.



EDC Integration

Key Risk Indicators


Clinical NLP

Role Based Access

Audit Trail

Three Pillars of Architecture


A set of web service connectors allows making the request to EDC systems and extracts the clinical data. The framework uses SOAP and REST web services API to communicate with EDC Systems.


The web service response XML raw data is complex in structure; our advance XML parsing algorithm processes this data and converts it into meaningful clinical information.


The framework supports creation of CDISC submission ready data as well as non-submission data such as EDC Audit report, Clinical Site Information, Subject Enrollment.



You can quickly setup the connection to EDC Systems.


Schedule the frequency of data extracts.

Incremental Extract

Ability to extract incremental data.

On-demand Extract

Ability to extract on-demand data.


Subscribe to events to automatically get notified.

Data Viewer

View the CDISC domain as well as operational data.

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