One of the biggest challenge in clinical trial data management is to identify the adverse events from patients collection data and convert them into medical dictionary code such as MedDRA. This process is both time-consuming and manual. At doLoopTech, we have developed Clinical NLP to solve this issue.


Our Clinical NLP engine allows you to perform an intelligent match to find the most optimum standardized medical term for your clinical data. Based on the NLP and statistical confidence level, the solution learns and improves the matching algorithm automatically. The solution is API based which allows easy integration with existing systems.

The solution uses the following clinical information to perform the match and provides the standardized clinical term:

  • Study Metadata
  • Clinical Data
  • Medical Grammar
  • Known Aliases

Clinical NLP

Natural language processing (NLP), is a computing technique which parses and makes sense of free text. NLP is used to analyze text to determine its meaning, enabling computer applications that can communicate effectively with humans. Clinical NLP is a specialization of NLP that allows computers to understand the rich meaning that lies behind a doctor’s written analysis of a patient.

Intelligent Match

The Intelligent match component of the solution uses advanced Fuzzy matching techniques to find the best possible standardized term for your non-standard data and metadata.

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